4 NBA Logos That Need To Change, And A Logo That Will Be Changed Even Though I Love It

We have come upon my fourth most favorite time of year: logo changing season. This is that wonderful time of year when teams decide to reveal their long labored new logos, typeface and jerseys to the public, generally to serious critiques, and often to well deserved ridicule (I’m looking at you Cleveland Browns):


With that being said, there’s been a slew of redesigns across the sports world recently, and I wanted to point out a few that, in my eyes, need to be redesigned soon and one that (I hope) won’t be redesigned. I won’t be including logos created within the past decade because generally speaking a logo has a decade of shelf-life (sorry Raptors and Clippers fans). I also won’t include the Sacramento Kings or the Detroit Pistons because rumor has it they’ll both be changing their logos this May/June (for the Kings that’s less of a rumor these days):


(via Chris Creamer at sportslogos.net) This is the trademark filing, so black and white won’t be Sacramento’s actual color scheme. I’m hoping for like a regal purple, regal red and gold scheme myself. So, without further adieu, here are the teams I hope change their logos soon:

    Pacers (Indiana’s current logo, via sportslogos.net)

Don’t get me wrong here: I love the color scheme, and I love the slanted P with a basketball inside. It’s just SO BASIC. In looking up the definition of “Pacer” I found a pacer is “a horse bred or trained to have a distinctive lateral gait in which both legs on the same side are lifted together, used in some types of racing.” THEY COULD DO SO MUCH WITH THAT. Don’t get rid of the P, just add a racehorse to the logo. Or a racecar. Or a person running.


Rockets (Houston’s current logo, via sportslogos.net)

I love the rocket R. It’s almost become a classic. But i don’t feel like it’s primary logo worthy. Secondary logo? Most definitely. This logo is just slightly too plain as well. There are logos that are way too complicated and suffer from that (Sacramento Kings cough cough), but the reverse is also true. If it’s too simple it can be straight up boring. Add some flavor, like these fan made logos below:

I personally prefer the logo to the left, in case you were wondering.


Suns(Current Suns logo via sportslogos.net)

Now I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t they change their logo within the past decade? Technically, yes,  although it was more of a recolor of the previous logo:

SunsOld(also from sportslogos.net)

Heck, what is essentially the same logo from the 90’s has lasted a quarter century now. The box logo with the shooting sun is virtually iconic. My idea with their logo would be to stand the box upright, and turn the shooting sun into maybe a more fiery sun. Make it a little more fierce.


Magic (Current Magic logo via sportslogos.net)

This logo is the king of blah. There’s no emotion. It’s extremely bland. The typeface “Orlando Magic” isn’t in any way shape or form magical. IT’S SO BORING. I actually broke my 10 year rule because this logo is just so eugh. It’s 7 years old. Close enough yes? Anyway, here’s a much better logo that someone wasn’t paid to do but did it anyway:


Like holy crap I’d much rather be talking about this fan made logo than the garbage that is the actual logo.


Thunder (Current Thunder logo via sportslogos.net)

I figured since I cheated when discussing the Magic, I’ll talk about a logo that is surprisingly just about to reach a full decade of existence: this thing. It’s been fairly derided over the years (What are those two lines behind the shield? Why does the OKC come out of the shield? Why is the word THUNDER in that kind of font? etc, etc.) and it strikes me more like the opposite of “Thunder”. To me it’s a nice sunny day, at least that’s what the logo is trying to tell me. Here are, for your convenience, logos that convey a much more thundery appearance:


I personally like the bottom one, because not only does it capture that thundery feel, it also feels very Oklahoma-y.


Jazz (Current Jazz logo via sportslogos.net)

Dear Utah Jazz: don’t change this logo, or if you do, bring back the purple and light blue scheme you had until 2010. I’m hearing rumors that you might go back to that musical note logo this year, and I’m begging you: please don’t. That logo lacked inspiration. It was absolutely bland, and you didn’t really get a feeling that it was the UTAH Jazz. With the light blue, dark blue and purple version of the logo above, it perfectly encompassed what Utah was for me: it was the mountains, rising high above the places I lived and the usually blue skies. You kind of killed it with green-yellow abomination, which really only worked for the Seattle Sonics, but it’s still a good logo. It just needs a fresh set of paint. If you MUST change it to something more classical I’d rather it be something like this:Jazzlogomeh (which honestly need to get rid of that lime green asap) than this:

olderjazzlogo (also from sportslogos.net)

But I’d still prefer this above all:

OldJazz (sportlogos.net)




4 NBA Logos That Need To Change, And A Logo That Will Be Changed Even Though I Love It