5 NFL Logos That Need To Be Changed

This was much harder than the NBA, mostly because it feels like teams in the NFL never change their logos. They do, absolutely, otherwise there would be little point in me writing this, but it’s rarely drastic. The logo generally stays  with the same style as the previous logo, as you can see with the Falcons logo below:

falcons(image via sbnation.com)

And that happens to be one of the more drastic logo changes in recent memory. With that though, I have a special message to all the NFL teams:


It’s not a crime to put some creativity in your logos. You think you are creative? Well then why is the Philadelphia Eagles logo the only one that faces left? Every other logo, except for the Cowboys (whose logo is symmetrical), points or faces in the rightward direction. It’s actually rather jarring when you look for it. There’s more to this lack of creativity. The 49ers, Giants, Bears, Packers, Bengals and Chiefs logos are comprised of two letters or less. That’s their logos. The Chiefs have their two letters in an arrowhead. Whoop de doo. The Bears and Packers have an excuse because they’re iconic. New York and San Francisco’s are barely acceptable even as secondary logos when you compare them to logos from other sports. So, seriously, come on. Do better. You’re better than this:

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Bungles(via sportslogos.net)

Where to start? Bengal tigers are supposed to be fierce. I get nothing like that from such a lackluster logo. There’s no creativity. “But it has tiger stripes!” Uh, the team is called the Bengals. If you didn’t have tiger stripes there would be riots. I have no love for this logo, especially since they downgraded from this:

Bengals (via sportslogos.net)

which they turned into their secondary logo. So they made what’s barely a secondary logo into their current primary logo and what was a fairly good primary logo into their secondary logo… *head explodes in frustration*.

Here’s what I would choose if I were them asap:


Except it’s facing the right. FU…

2. New York Giants

Giants(via sportslogos.net)

All hail the New York Giants? The only thing giant about this logo is how much of a colossal failure it is in conveying “Giants”. Hell, even the logo is in lowercase, as if they accept inferiority. And this is a team that won 4 Super Bowls. Let’s check out a fan made NY Knicks logo for a moment:


Take out the basketball, change Knicks to Giants, maybe change the colors a bit, and BAM! a Giants logo that’s actually good, feels giant and conveys the spirit of New York (even though they’re in New Jersey. That actually explains a bit.)

3. New York Jets

Jets (via sportslogos.net)

How, HOW do you call yourself the Jets without managing to put a jet anywhere in your logo? It’s one of the biggest inventions when it comes to flight, so this logo in comparison is lackluster at best. This logo, to compare it to aviation technology, is less of a jet and more like a third propeller. Yes, it’ll hurt if it’s destroyed, but the aircraft will go on and it won’t be ruined. But, I mean, what else do we expect a team based in New Jersey to put as a logo? Here are two better logos done by fans:

So you clearly have options. You could easily have the best logo in football.

4. San Francisco 49ers

SF (via sportslogos.net)

This is how not to do a logo for a team whose name is based on the California Gold Rush. It’s absolutely lazy, like the Giants and Bengals. I get no sense of a gold rush, more of like a Snooze Festival (get it? Snooze Festival=SF?). Hey, San Francisco, let me drop a couple tidbits to make your logo unique and memorable in the NFL, perhaps an instant classic: there’s a lack of mountain logos in the NFL and there’s only one other team in the Big 4 Sports leagues that has mining (Denver Nuggets). When life give you lemons, San Francisco, make the best lemonade possible. Don’t just sit there selling the lemon rinds:

49ers better logo

5. Los Angeles Rams

Rams(via sportslogos.net)

I have nothing personally wrong with this logo. It’s fairly decent as far as NFL logos go, but with the move to Los Angeles, it’s time to let this one drop. There’s nothing about it that screams “Los Angeles!” to me, a person who was born post original stint in Los Angeles. To me, those colors and the Ram are akin to St. Louis. Just, whatever you guys choose to do, don’t go back to this:



Why oh why did you stop getting creative with the Super Bowl logos? They were fun and made it more exciting. Now all you have is this drab silver. Here’s an example of a Super Bowl in New Orleans pre-change:

SB XXXV(via sportslogo.net)

And now here’s the one for New Orleans post-change:

SB XLVII(via sportslogos.net)

Which one makes you more excited? Which one’s flashier? Which one is more sexy? For me that would be the top Super Bowl logo. Bring that style back. Then bury the current style and pretend it never happened.

What about the Redskins? They need an everything style of change. I’ll probably address that when their owner finally caves and actually starts talking about changing it.

5 NFL Logos That Need To Be Changed

The Bungles: Reborn

How awful was that game? To be personally honest, neither team deserved to win the Bengals-Steelers game this weekend, but it’s the Steelers (again) moving on. Which in this writer’s opinion pretty much gives Kansas City the opportunity of a lifetime. But right now they don’t matter. Neither do the Steelers. This is about the Bengals (who I will be referring to as the Bungles throughout the rest of this article), who just shot themselves in the foot.

A lot will be said in how the Bungles threw this game away. From a potential 50 yard field goal becoming a 35 yard field goal because of unsportsmanlike conduct. The fumble. The hit to Antonio Bryant’s head on that final Steelers drive. It was as if this Bungles team didn’t actually want to win, even with the game pretty much in their control. A lot will be said about the sportsmanship on both sides in the next few days.

If I were the Bungles organization, Marvin Lewis’s head would be rolling tonight. That last drive by the Steelers wasn’t some of the worst coaching I’ve seen, but he’s definitely not in control of that team on the field. 30 in yards in one play on penalties alone? That’s horrific. I absolutely admire the patience in their organization, but enough is enough. Lewis can’t win a playoff game to save his life, even when they’re winning with 1:23 left on the clock. For a team and a city that has struggled for decades trying to get a playoff win for once this was absolutely pathetic on his part.

It was also absolutely pathetic defense in that last minute of play. Horrible execution, and horrible self-control. I know it’s probably very frustrating to have to go back onto the field and play to win a game you thought your offense had covered, don’t ever take it out on your opponents, no matter whether they did rotten stuff to you or not. Those were two of the stupidest penalties I’d ever seen, especially with so much on the line. Do you feel good about yourselves? What you did? You couldn’t play proud, you had to play dirty? I know the Steelers got away with some horrible stuff but don’t stoop to that level. You’re professionals. Act like it.

And a lot of people are going to blame Jeremy Hill for his fumble. He doesn’t deserve any of it. Had his leg been down a single second earlier we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but it was what it was. What happened, happened. It doesn’t excuse the lousy coaching of Marvin Lewis and sure doesn’t deserve the lousy performance by the defense and it definitely doesn’t excuse those two boneheaded penalties at the end.

This is an absolute heartbreaker for Bungles fans everywhere. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is perhaps the worst feeling in the entire world. I can only imagine the struggle you guys/gals are going through: doing well in the regular season, bringing hopes up and then tearing it all down the first game of the post season. If somehow the Bungles owners read this I will remind you: 0-7. He didn’t have control of his team that final drive.

This should end Marvin Lewis’s time with the Bungles. If it doesn’t, I’m calling it right now: the Bungles will be eliminated in the 2017 Wild Card.

The Bungles: Reborn

The AFC and Black Monday: Preview and Predictions

First off, I want to apologize to any Broncos fans who’ve been reading this. I was thoroughly surprised by Peyton’s ability after he was inserted into the game against the Chargers today, and he played the second biggest roll in getting you guys to the #1 seed, right behind the Dolphins victory over the Patriots. With that being said, here’s how I think the playoffs and Black Monday are going to go down:

Black Monday: 4 teams 5 teams didn’t wait for Black Monday, and now that Mike Pettine has been fired by the Browns and Jim Tomsula has been fired by the 49ers, that leaves several teams still with coaches on the hot seat:

Tom Coughlin: He won’t be fired. Tom Coughlin has too much of a resume to be fired. He will, however, be pressured and forced to retire. The Giants organization has too much respect for him, but they clearly cannot continue forward with him.

Sean Payton: Again, he’s not being fired. He’s probably going to be released from his contract so that he can part ways with the organization for greener pastures.

Jason Garrett: There’s always a surprise on Black Monday or thereabout. This is that surprise. The Cowboys are offensively worse than most college teams when they don’t have Dez or Romo. Jerry Jones is an impatient man. After three seasons of mediocrity, one season that ended abruptly in the Divisional Round, and now a downright embarrassing season, he’s going to be looking for another coach (Sean Payton maybe?).

Mike McCoy: New year, new location (maybe), new coach for the Chargers. This is definitely happening (I will eat my least favorite shirt if it doesn’t).

Chuck Pagano: This pretty much goes without saying.

Coaches that are Safe (for now): Jim Caldwell, Jim Tomsula, Marvin Lewis, John Harbaugh.

*UPDATE* The previous post was posted a few minutes before Jim Tomsula was fired by the 49ers. It has been updated appropriately.

Playoffs: After all the hype, all the exciting wins, depressing losses and whatever the hell this was, the playoffs are finally here. What do we have in store for us? Well…

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals: I want to apologize to both teams right now. Last week I said the Steelers could easily make the Super Bowl and that the Bengals didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell at winning. Yeah. Deangello Williams had something to say about that by injuring his ankle. Now, with basically their running game in tatters, the Steelers are looking more one dimensional, and they don’t need to ask the Michigan State football team to understand that’s bad news. This game has become so much more interesting, and it gives Cincinnati a chance to finally get rid of those demons that really started getting going 10 years ago in against (who else?) the Steelers. With Deangello this is a different tune. But he’s likely out this week, which means he’ll have all offseason to get healthy.

Bengals: 24, Steelers: 14

Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans: The Chiefs are easily the hottest team in the entire country, with the Texans riding high themselves. It’ll be a match of Kansas City’s offense against a very strong Texans defense. Unfortunately for the Texans, the Chiefs have a passing game this year, and the Chiefs defense is an absolute monster. The Texans season began with a loss at home to the Chiefs, and it will end with a loss to the Chiefs at home.

Chiefs: 27, Texans: 13

The results of those two games leads to an interesting Divisional Round: A depleted New England Patriots squad against a Bengals team flirting with destiny and a chance for Peyton Manning to redeem himself against a Chiefs team that sent him to the bench a few weeks ago. But the analysis of whatever Divisional Round matchup actually happens has to wait until next week. Tomorrow I’ll reflect on the actual results of Black Monday and give my take on the NFC Playoffs.

The AFC and Black Monday: Preview and Predictions

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The NFL Playoffs Cometh

The post-Christmas season is perhaps the best time of the year for American Football fans. Even though it’s not even week 17 in the NFL, many eyes are beginning to turn towards the playoffs. It’s not hard to blame them either, with only the Steelers and Jets jockeying to be included in the top 12 teams. Everybody else is playing for positioning, so without further adieu, let me introduce you to the wild card playoff and potential wild card playoff teams:


Pittsburgh Steelers: If there’s anybody listening to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” it’s this Steelers team. Right now on the outside looking in, they have to win against the Cleveland Browns (not a hard task) and hope the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets. Crazier things have happened, sure, but don’t get your hopes up Steelers fans. That being said, if they can make it, they’re a force to be reckoned with. I could easily imagine this Steelers team playing for a 7th Super Bowl in San Francisco. If they make the playoffs.

New York Jets: Win and they’re in. It’s just that simple. And it’s not like this is a bad team that got lucky. The Jets are sneaky good. The one potential matchup I don’t like for them is potentially at the Kansas City Chiefs. Otherwise I could easily see this team do well against every other team in the playoffs, including the Patriots.

Kansas City Chiefs: Where to begin with this team? Clearly they’re one of the best in the AFC right now. Winning potentially ten games in a row leading into the playoffs and looking more powerful each week is not something you see from bad or even average teams. This team is my personal pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year hands down. Anything is possible for sure, but if they somehow manage to gain a home field advantage in the Wild Card game their opponent better mutter prayers throughout the entire game. Because they’re gonna need all the miracles plus one to beat this Chiefs team.

Houston Texans: Even though this team could finish 8-8, NEVER underestimate a playoff team at home. The playoffs are entirely different animal, and home field advantage takes on an entirely new meaning in the playoffs. Just ask the 2010 New Orleans Saints and the 2014 Arizona Cardinals. Nevertheless, the Houston Texans should be hoping for a matchup between them and the Denver Broncos the most. I think the aforementioned Jets and Chiefs are just too good and the Broncos give the Texans the best shot to move on to most likely the Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals: I’m so sorry Cincinnati fans. If the Broncos beat the Chargers next week then you’re just s.o.l. I have little faith in the Bengals because you’ve been good before but somehow lose everything you gained in the playoffs. Especially without Andy Dalton, my faith-o-meter is just above zero. I’m not saying you don’t have a chance, everybody has a chance in the playoffs (see the 2007 and 2011 New York Giants), but other teams would die to play you in the playoffs. Your best shot at moving on? The other team keeling over and dying of a heart attack.

Denver Broncos: Best case scenario? Beating the Chargers and getting a bye for the Wild Card. Worst Case Scenario? Losing to the Chargers, the Jets winning and having to travel to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Chiefs. Again, my faith-o-meter is barely above zero, and while it’s higher than the Bengals I don’t see this team beating the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium.

Patriots fans don’t worry. You’ve got the bye during Wild Card week.


Seattle Seahawks: This team can do it. Maybe. They’ve definitely gotten better since the start of the season, but they’re not as good as they’ve been the past two seasons. They have at least an even matchup in the playoffs against either the Vikings or Packers. Their best shot would be against the Redskins, but that matchup is highly unlikely at this point. I don’t expect to see them make it past the second round.

Minnesota Vikings: For all their talk about not wanting to see Green Bay win the NFC North again, it might be in their best interests to lose this week and hope Seattle loses to Arizona. If Seattle does as they hope they would get a favorable matchup against the Redskins and potentially avoid a game against the Arizona Cardinals until the Conference Championship. Making it to the Super Bowl with the stacked teams waiting for them in the Divisional Round is a tall order, but they could do it. Especially if they play it tactically.

Washington Redskins: For all the hate they’re getting from me (they’re the team all the other NFC teams want to play in the Wild Card), they’re going to get more love than the Bengals and the Broncos. Why? Because I’ve seen this before, 8 years ago and 4 years ago by another NFC East team called the Giants. Nobody gave them any chance either of those years, and this Redskins team reminds me of both of those squads. Does that mean they’re going to make it out of Wild Card weekend? Hell no. Their best bet to get out alive and advance to play either the Cardinals or Panthers is through the Vikings in the Wild Card weekend. And that’s hardly a good bet.

Green Bay Packers: Again, this team should be looking to lose this weekend to play the Redskins. This time it’s easier: they lose, they play the Redskins, profit. As much as they’d probably love to play at Lambeau Field, their best bet goes through FedEx Field. The critics would absolutely hate this because they’d miss out on a potential ratings bonanza between the Seahawks and Packers. That being said if they continue to play the way they played against Arizona last week this Packers team isn’t making it past the Divisionals, even if they play Seattle or Minnesota in Lambeau.

Cardinals and Panthers have both clinched the bye week.

With all that said and done, this appears like it’s going to be an entertaining Wild Card weekend no matter who wins or loses. I have never been more excited for the playoffs (okay that’s a lie. When I was 7 and watching my Buccaneers steamroll their way to a Super Bowl XXXVII victory, THAT was exciting). They will no doubt entertain everyone. Except for Bengals fans. For them it’ll likely be painful. (P.S. I will seriously eat my words if they win. And if they do y’all can comment with whatever humiliating punishment I should face. Nothing too extreme like running around in a bra though.)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The NFL Playoffs Cometh