Nuclear Meltdown: The Buccaneers Fire Lovie Smith

Normally I don’t go off the rails much. I might dislike something, I might think a move is absolutely stupid, but I always try to keep my emotions subdued. Well, I’m definitely not going to try this time.

Dear Tampa Bay, what the actual hell? How the hell do you justify firing Lovie Smith? As a stressed out college student, I would love to try whatever drug the ownership of this franchise is doing. Everybody who didn’t try to give Lovie at least another year, from the General Manager upwards, is the absolute epitaph of what a sports idiot looks like.

It’s not like the Buccaneers were going downhill. We were actually going places! Our offense, for the first time in years was decent! We TRIPLED our overall record! So what if we didn’t make the playoffs? We weren’t expected to. That’s what was glorious about this season. We became relevant. We prevented the Falcons from making the playoffs. Our one weakness was defense, and all we needed was a decent offseason. I was bullish on the Bucs to make the playoffs next season. Now that’s gone. All gone, thanks to you idiots.

Was it in the hopes of getting a “better” coach? Are you perhaps gunning for Chip Kelly? If so, this whole ship sinks to a brand new level of lunacy that is absolutely baffling. There is no upgrade this offseason from Lovie Smith. Smith is one of the best coaches, hands down, in the league. The Bears regret letting him go. He’s taken the Bucs from a really, really bad spot and made us so much more competitive in two seasons. And you think there’s an upgrade? The best “upgrade” is Chip Kelly, and after the way he completely steamrolled the Eagles organization I don’t want him within 100 miles of my Bucs. What you’ve done is wasted 2 years of progress, just thrown it in the trash with nary a thought about what the actual consequences would be. You’ve done it before, but at least you gave Tony Dungy time to build the team so that it was good. There will be NO Jon Gruden to save you from your egregious errors this time. It’s like you, the Buccaneers franchise, WANTS to lose. It’s like you want to keep partying like it’s 1976, like you’re dreaming of 0-16.

What other reasonable explanation is there? I thought this organization had some freaking pride. We went from 0-14 in 1976 to winning it all in 2003. We were feared. We were on the verge of being feared again. I’ve been a Buccaneers fan since I was born in 1995, and while I never had to experience the horror that was the 70’s and 80’s for this amazing team, I’m beginning to get the feeling that with this ownership I might just get the chance to suffer as badly as the previous generation of Bucs fans. So, my message to the Glazer family all the way down to GM Jason Licht: get your heads out of your collective asses, and start trying to win. And if, if I see that this team doesn’t somehow make the playoffs in the next two years, that we’ve regressed back to 2-14 or god forbid 0-16, I will never, ever stop calling for your heads to roll.

Nuclear Meltdown: The Buccaneers Fire Lovie Smith

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