Called It!

I’m going to take a moment to gloat: most football fans thought that the Washington Redskins had no chance of making the playoffs when week three of the season rolled around. That was when I said that they were probably going to win the division. Most sports experts said “No way. They’re a dumpster fire.”

The Redskins clinched their division officially yesterday, marking an improbable turnaround from the last two seasons.

What I saw in the Redskins was simple: they were a scrappy team that played to the level of their opponents. Normally that’s a bad thing, but when they had to, they found ways to win, like against the Eagles in week four or the Buccaneers in week seven. They have a decent coach in Jay Gruden and a far better quarterback in Kirk Cousins than in RGIII.

Week nine, when they played the Patriots, was that kind of moment where it really hit me that they could win the NFC East. Not a hard feat this year, considering the injury struggles of the Cowboys and the lackluster shells of the Eagles and Giants. Even though they lost, the way they played and how the kept the Patriots from scoring more than 30 points was impressive. Sloppy? Definitely. Talented? Definitely.

Is this version of the Washington Redskins good? They could be. To me this team reminds me of the 2007 Giants and the 2011 Giants. Am I saying these Redskins are going to go on a miracle run and topple the Patriots in the Super Bowl, like both Giants teams did? Hell no. But if you underestimate this team in the playoffs, you’ll be going home to watch them play against the Cardinals and Panthers.

Called It!

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